Last visited - How to change the Bground colour?

Hi all,

Im sure its newb question but I can’t find where I can adjust the background colour of the last visited link. In the screen shot each of the black flags is a different colour choice.

When I click any one of the other flags, the background of the last one visited goes Grey!

In this example the background of flag 3 has gone grey when I click any of the others.

I’ve checked all the selector state options but nothing changes. How do i change that colour?

BTW, This is set up using Tabs.

Much appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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This should illustrate the problem. you can see the grey background state appear for a split second when I click another button.

Also the white flag moves but I presume that something to do with the current state style. Cabt figure it out at the moment. Nay help with this would be great.


chrome-capture-2023-0-18 (1)

Can you please add your ready-only link so we can take a closer look?

Thanks for the reply @mikeyevin . Sods law I just figured it out. The additional colour and movement of the white flag was determined by the TAB settings box depending on which tab was selected as the Active tab. I’m learning as I go so I need to read up on how the Active tab settings are meant to be used. I’m happy for now, only a few hairs went grey :slight_smile: I guess this where you style the active tab specifically.

I had to make each flag active then adjust the background colour. Even though it was already set as white I had to choose white again for it to take affect.

With the transition of the white flag, that happened because the alignment of the image had to be set to left while that tab is Active.