Last section of website mysteriously disappearing

Hi, for some reason the last section of my website won’t show up when published.

When I move the sections around, all the sections show up. It’s only when the Our Work Section is in the last spot does it not show up.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Since the issue occurs when viewing the published site, if you place that section where you say it is having a display issue it would make it easier to debug. It’s currently not in the “last spot”. Can you fix and publish?

Yes, here’s the updated published site:

Thanks for the help

Not sure if the problems are related, but two other elements are missing from the published site, too. The third badge object and the button in the “Creativity + Inbound” section

Comment opened and not closed.



Thank you so much. That was driving me crazy.