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"Last Published" in DOCTYPE tag

The very first line of html contains, for example: <!DOCTYPE html><!-- Last Published: Thu Mar 21 2019 13:21:09 GMT+0000 (UTC) -->

Each time a site is updated and published, the Last Published date and time is modified on every page of the site, not just whatever page was updated. My question is, can I:

  1. Limit the modification of the date and time to just the page that has been updated?
  2. Remove the “Last Published” declaration all together?

The reason this is causing a problem is we are using a service that monitors the website for any changes and reports on those changes. We are getting false positives on every single page because the Last Published date/time is being updated on every page across the site.

Thank you for any help.

The answer is not at this time; for both questions. Webflow currently pushes all pages out on publish. There is a potential change to that on the horizon. No ETA available.

You should try to see if you can configure the monitor to exclude that tag and comments.