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Last menu item gets placed under mobile menu

In tablet and mobile view when the mobile menu gets actived a button contact appears in the content. That is the last menu item. When I remove it from the menu there wont appear one menu item in the content. How can I fix this please?

Thank you.

@Sytze are you referring to the hamburger icon that shows up on tablet and mobile when using the navbar element from the Add Panel?

If so, that is supposed to show up. I created a video, hope you can follow the direction I am trying to take. You have too many divs within divs to make a simple navigation bar. Try using the NavBar Component from the elements panel, its preconfigured for the effect you are trying to reach with an interaction.


Hey @WebDev_Brandon

Thanks a lot for your explanation, really appreciated.

I am a newbie in webflow I usually make stuff in WordPress but I got asked to finish this site for a company who had a guy make this but basically just stopped and they couldnt finish it so they contacted me and I liked the interface and wanted to give it a go and try to learn it.

What you are saying is not a surprise, I watched the videos and they also learned me that there is a option in the navbar which I am missing in this project.

I also dont know why it is made like this. I do think it is best to just use the elements that are made for the functions, in this case the navbar.

Do I need to apply the navbar to all of the pages or when I add it on one page will it be applied to all?

Thanks a lot for your help. If I not reply this fast again it’s cause it’s late here and my wife wants me to stop :slight_smile: It doesnt mean that i am not very happy if you reply as fast as you did again

Have a nice day, I heard you say its afternoon where you are. Here it’s almost my bed time :slight_smile:

Hi there, once you style the new navbar menu using the navbar element you will need to reapply that new navbar to all of the pages.

Hope this helps your last question. Oh and sorry to hear you have to stop, but have a good night.

Okay thanks, that answers my question. :+1:

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HI @WebDev_Brandon I am still struggling to get the menu rigth. I am using the navbar function now like you suggested however now I cant figure out how to put it next to the logo. Their is a white space left from the logo that I cant find anywhere whcih I like removed. And the menu items get pushed under the logo. When I change the widht of the menu it get pushed out of the screen on smaller devices.

Would you mind having another look at how I am screwing up? :wink:

Ah I found it, I always find how to fix things after asking for help. So in a way you did help me :slight_smile: Thanks :wink:

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@Sytze thats great to hear. Sorry I wasnt faster to get back to you.

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That’s no problem. Thanks anyways :slight_smile: