Largest breakpoint unresponsive for navbar

Hi everyone,

I am new to webflow and facing issues with the navbar. While trying to design on the largest breakpoint, i am not able to add spacing between the logo and the nav links. While doing this, the logo keeps becoming smaller as the margin increases without the links actually moving to the right. I have tried changing the positions as well for all between relative and static but it doesn’t help.

Please help me

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - dot and grid

hi @dotandgrid the issue is related to your container-5. The reason is that WF predefined element they call a “Container” has max-width:960px. This is an ancient size from times when monitor resolution was low and 960px was the “standard”. These days all monitors and mobile devices screens have much higher resolutions.

There were many discussions to change this ancient width as standard but… That is why you should avoid using WF-predefined elements. You can use WF-predefined elements only when you know their settings and limitations in situations when it will be suitable.

When you use standard div instead WF Container, the elements in your navigation will behave correctly.

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thank you so much! this has resolved my issue