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Laptop view vs. Tablet view editing

Hello everyone,

I have a general question. As much of the formatting I created under Desktop view is messed up under tablet view, I attempted to edit everything all over again (including fonts, border, new columns on a div block, etc.) in Tablet view. However, when I switch back to Laptop view, the original contents changed into a messy version of my edited tablet view…

Did I forget to set something? Has anyone else encountered such issues? Thank you!

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Hi @newnewbie

It is expected behavior for any changes on the desktop breakpoint to cascade down to the other breakpoints, unless otherwise specified in the other breakpoints.

This includes all CSS style changes, but any restructuring or addition of elements will affect all breakpoints no matter which break point are in when doing so.

If you are experiencing style changes on tablet breakpoint affecting your desktop breakpoint this sounds like odd behavior.

If this is the case can you please provide more information? What page and section is this occurring on? Can you please provide screenshots of this behavior?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

Hi Brando,

Thank you for getting back to me. I realized that when I changed a SYMBOL under tablet view, it affects that symbol in desktop view. And since you mentioned restructuring and addition would affect all breakpoints, I simply duplicated each block; set original blocks to invisible on tablet, and added new ones invisible to desktop. This solved all the problems!


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