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Language Dropdown

I am trying to find a language list markup that I can apply to a dropdown list to select from.

I remember I had seen something by @sabanna sometime back, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it so I hope that I can get some help from the community.

Happy Monday!

Do you mean Google Translate widget, similar to the dropdown on the topright here

kinda, sorta… yeah? :smile:

but a little more to the tune of THIS ONE. (top right)

Ah, that is done in Vue.js, You’ll need to export your site to integrate with that.



The best solution is stick with Google Translate, it’s more or less plug and use like in my example.

Yeah, i like my life simple :smile: … how do I get the Google translate?

You’ll need some CSS and browser inspector knowledge to be able to customize the look though (like in my example).

Life is never that simple for me anyways :smile:

I’ll look into this and see how it works out.

Thanks @samliew

I’m just gonna stick this right here… finally found that LIST I was looking for…

No problems. Just follow these steps:

  1. Add select field to the form
  2. Give this select field some ID (I used “country-select”) and remove all options except first (“Select one…”)
  3. Add this code snippet to the FOOTER Custom code area on the page settings or site settings:
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