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Landing Page+ collect user info


I want to do 3 things-

First, create a landing page to test the new idea.
Second, collect user email address when they fill the sign-up form on my page.
Third, collect user activities on my page.

How can I achieve all 3 things? I could not find any tutorials to do so. Thanks for the help!


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Hello @gaurav

  1. Go to Webflow University and learn the basic of building with Webflow > Create the lanidng page
  2. The emails are stored in your dashboard > forms tab
  3. Google analytics or fullpage for page activities

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Is there anyone who can help with the project?

Hello @gaurav what @PiterDimitrov suggested is your best bet to achieve this.

Iā€™d suggest this 30 minute video course/tutorial on building a landing page with Webflow & CSS grid. You should be able to modify the result to fit your needs.

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