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Lamon-Law - Lawyer website

Hey all

I recently finished a new website for a lawyer:

Check out the lawyers website


  • Multi-page
  • Multi-language
  • CMS (team, practice areas, blog)
  • Social media integration
  • RSS feed integration
  • Videos
  • SSL certificates
  • Responsive (du-uh)

For those of you wondering how I did the multi-language part:
I just created the website in 1 language, duplicated it and published on a subdomain with the prefix en. or fr.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hey @kasperkazzual,

My feedback;

  1. Very clean and minimalistic
  2. Love the personable image of the team (builds credibility)
  3. The blue fingerprint is awesome (if only we could actually touch it)
  4. The blue box named ‘bouwrecht’ should fill the height of the container to fill up the empty space underneath
  5. Underneath ‘MEEST RECENTE NIEUWS’, it would be nice for the 2 boxes containing the title and text to be space out a little. The title, date and paragraph is all the same size which makes it quite difficult to stand out.
  6. Very nice responsive mode :slight_smile:
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