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Laitart is coming back!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know, that we have started to work on our portfolio. Instead of previous website, we have moved to domain that should mirror our skills ;)

I’m not a graphic designer as most of you have already seen in my work. I’m a script designer and I try to make my scripts as good as possible. A lot of you guys have seen my work, a lot has used it on your or your clients pages. Some of you are working with me on a regular basis which is awesome :)

I’ve met so many nice people here that let me show my skills and that helped me a lot when I struggled at something! I’m happy I’ve joined Webflow App early June 2013 :) It’s been a great time full of new stuff I’ve learned. I’ve gained trust on forum and I became a Ninja ;D I love being a JavaScript Ninja ;D

Enough about me! In March 2013 Jarek joined me. We’ve been working together before in his company Laitart. We had some ups and downs with that company and things we had to deal with (especially polish taxes were the worst…). But we made it through and we try to bring our current clients the most of us!

Our skills have upgraded and we truly deserve what most of you do! The title of being a pro! A lot of you guys are PRO! We simply reached for the domain that will reflect our skills!

We’d like to tell you that we are starting (finally!) to work on our portfolio website. You can leave your email to get info when it’s done! And yes, this is Magento Template from Webflow. We don’t want to focus on comingsoon website while we should work on the final website! Anyway, please share the link, spread the worf!

Laitart is coming back


My monitor defeated you gb settings :wink:

No idea what happened. Refresh now, I’ve republished website ;)

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NOW I’M DIVING IN SPACE! (where’s Sandra Bullock?)

Have you tried pressing s button? ;>>>>

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I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. This is so much better than the konami code (:
The Bartek code!

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