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Lag when scrolling

I am having problems of lag when scrolling, any advice on how to fix?

I am using some interactions so I suspect that may be the cause or perhaps the images?

This is the page link:

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I don’t have any lag other than your interactions are a bit slow to fade in if you scroll fast.

Thanks @DFink I will have a look at the interaction settings. I managed to partially fix the problem by reducing the file size of the images which all averaged at 1MB :exploding_head:
I managed to reduce some of the files but wondered if you knew the best way to get images loading fast?

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Hey @designmark,

I just tested it and there’s barely any lagging for me. I would guess it’s linked to the size of your images, as you mentioned before? Maybe some of them are still a little too big?


I found the problem, one of the images was too big, once I replaced it the lagging stopped. Thanks all :smiley: