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Label, colour & group sections without effecting classes 🤩

I’ve been doing a LOT of background colour transitions in my sites recently. One of the things this requires is to have all the divs (acting as sections) called the same thing. I end up looking at a sea of sections all called “section” which can slow the process down dramatically.

I’d imagine this would be super easy to implement but the simple ability to colour code & label things without effecting classes would be incredible. For example photoshops colour tags for labels or apple’s colour tags for files.

Would this help anyone else?

Absolutely! This would make selection and recognition of elements so much easier!


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Doesn’t giving the div/section give it the appropriate label both on the canvas and the DOM tree? Like here?

Or maybe I’m not understanding your question.

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Okay so here’s an example -

To achieve this my sections have to look like this:

Every section here is called “section” due to me having to effect them all at once which means I could only label each one with a second class (eww). On top of that colour coding would be incredible & grouping would also be cool. For instance colour all your sections according to purpose & then group things so you could search & find “all social icons” for example & then it only shows you elements that are tagged/labeled as that.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

P.S. Ignore the website it’s just a clone of the one I’m working on with all the content removed to help explain myself!

Not sure I’m following exactly… Think I’d have to see how you are actually placing items, where the interactions are assigned and the overall look/movement. It might be that a bit of code to change the class to specific colors might have been the easiest route.

Regardless, if you think there is a use case…having it here in the feedback section is good. :grinning:


Yeah totally with you on that one. I could have done it that way as well. I was just trying to do this whole project in webflow and see how far I can push stuff before I start adding custom code.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it would be cool to be able to colour code any element and add a note or label. That note/colour code could be it’s role in a complex animation or just a label to help you find it better. If most design software lets you colour/label layers etc… Why can’t webflow? :sunny:

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