Kia ora from NZ

Hi, my name is Obi. Im a kiwi looking to start a blog, later I’ll add a small shopping cart page. ‘Webflow’ looks damn impressive for visual wysiwyg and customisation. I’ve decided I’ll give it a go instead of shopify.

I’ve never created a website, I’m and more photoshop and video editing. So the whole process seems a bit intimidating.

Total newb question. How do you choose a template! :joy: Ahahaha…There are so many options - 34 blog templates but I could also choose any number of similar categories? I assume they are all customisable enough, perhaps I shouldn’t worry. Any tips to narrow the field :laughing:

Anyway cheers…good luck all.

Hi @Obi_Kenobi,

Check out the Freelancer’s Journey. This could give you some great insight into what you should do.

You could also check out the university training to learn a bit more on how to use the Webflow Designer.

As for templates, look through each one. Choose the one that has a likable layout for what you are trying to achieve. However, I would recommend building your own and learning that way.

Happy Designing,

Cheers. Yeah its initially a bit overwhelming but I guess like anything take it in bit sized chunks.
Yeah Im watching all their video’s 101 for starters - which are excellent. Then Ill check out Freelancers…

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: