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Keyframe 100% is happening only about 80% of the way down my page... Help?

Currently building a new site and have installed a scroll progress indicator, but I’m having trouble. On my “About Me” page, the scroll progress animation works perfectly. Begins at top of page (with 0% keyframe) and finishes at bottom of page (with 100% keyframe).

But when I implemented it on my “Home” page, it completes the animation early. It appears to be reaching 100% keyframe about 80% of the way down my page. So the scroll progress indicator finishes its animation before you even get to the final section and footer for the page.

Never experienced this problem before. Why would the value for 100% keyframe be kicking in somewhere that isn’t the bottom of the page?

Here is my public share link:


Is it something weird with your lottie:

This is not 25% of a circle