Keyfold - User registration and login for Webflow

Hey @Francois_Crepes! :wave: Thanks for the kind words and excellent question.

We originally wanted to price the cheapest MemberStack tier at $39/mo or $49/mo without any transaction fees. After some research, we found this was a fair price for larger projects who usually paid thousands of dollars to add this sort of functionality.

However, we knew $49/mo would be too much for most projects. Instead of charging a fixed $49, we decided to charge $25-49 depending on how much you make through MemberStack. If you make $0 then you only pay us $25. By the time you have to pay $49, you’re already making well over $1000/mo.

Long story short, it lets us charge enough to keep the lights on, without forcing everyone to pay a single higher price. I hope that answers your question :+1:

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Thank you so much for the answer which make sense, will definitely use your platform!


from Canada Edmonton

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Does anyone know a way I can do this in webflwo.

I want to allow users to book instructors using a calendar system.
I have multiple instructors all over the country so the ‘see dates’ button should relate to the individual instructor the user is viewing.

@mrk check out ‘Calendly’ it is brilliant!

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