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Keyboard Shortcut Idea! (For CMS)

Hello fellow “Webflowers”!

Hope you are all doing well today!

Responding to Webflow’s statement on the Keyboard shortcut list:
“If you have any ideas for a cool keyboard shortcut let us know and we’ll try to add it :)”

I had an idea for a shortcut when it comes to building/editing collections from the Webflow Designer while accessing this CMS controls.

What do you guys think of building some shortcuts to control the Archive, Duplicate, & Delete buttons at the very bottom of collections? Or just open up the idea of building shortcuts for the database/collections side of the Webflow designer. This would speed up the process of reconfiguring/designing a CMS from a Webflow bought template. I know many desingers often buy templates that are Webflow CMS integrated only to strip down much of the CMS.


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