Ken burns effect on hover not working using interactions

I can’t figure out why my Ken Burns effects on hover isn’t working using Interactions in the portfolio section?
Read only link:

Can someone take a look and see why my image isn’t scaling on hover?

Hi Shauncy,

You didn’t have the interaction named “portfolio thumbnail” set on anything in the read only link that you provided here. So you need to click on one of those images with a class of “Thumbnail Image” and make it active. The second thing was that you just had your class name setting backwards on the “Affect different elements”… You had “Image Thumbnail” :wink:

You can do the ken burns effect with the regular/hover state settings too (in this case - since you want the interaction to happen on a “hover”), just adjust the hover state scaling, maybe add a touch of transform, and really long (7500ms) transition set on the transform setting back on the normal state.

Thank you @Mogeek for your help. I got it working. You were right I was just referencing the wrong class in my interaction.

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