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Keeping the content in the right hand column fixed in view

Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a bit stuck. Hoping to get some help on a positioning issue I’m having.

In short…

I’ve set up a page with a sticky header, scrollable LHC and the RHC I’ve fixed.

It’s working kinda as I’d like though I’d prefer the RHC stays completely fixed with its content. When I scroll the LHC the RNC also scrolls up and under the header.

Along with this, I wanted to have the text at the bottom of the RHC to be pushed to the bottom which I’ve worked out though when I preview it’s below the browser where I wanted it to remain in view at the bottom of the screen however big/small the browser is.

Here’s a link to see where I’ve got to.

Thanks for reading and in advance if you’re able to offer any advice.

All the best,

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Maybe this helps?,element%20has%20a%20set%20height.

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Thanks Hans! Have a good weekend