Keeping Text in the same place whatever the view size

This, I hope is the final issue with this site!

My clients want their contact details to appear in exactly the same place on the page in every possible view. So Caroline’s always on the black to the right and Pat’s always on the white to the right. While they are correct on my desktop they change position on other desktops, such as the huge Imac they use. The links need to be live so I can’t just add them to the picture - help!

Here is my public share link:
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My first question would be why? :slight_smile:
I might be totally wrong, but I think that is an hard thing to do. You are talking about a static image and floating text. A million different screen sizes and resolutions.

When clients wants stuff like that, ask why.

First, its not a great background anyway. And contact information should be very easy to find one every device. Make it simple but nice.

Hey @Roxzfr I just had a play and here’s how I did it :slight_smile:


Thanks @Aaron, in my view Pats details have moved to the black; however, I will give it a go just in case. REally appreciate you helping Thank You

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