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Keeping interactions when pasting a collection list to an other page


I created a collections list on the Home page, adding elements inside & some interactions to it.

On the post page, I would like to add on the side a section A with the same collection list, keeping the same elements & interactions.

What I did is a copy past of the collection list form the home page to the post page, and it work fine in matters of layout and style.

The only problem to it is that the interactions lost the their targets… when re-select them, the the home page looses the target… I tried to target the class instead of the selected element, but when I do that, my interaction (mouse hover) is applied on all the post at the same time …)

Any solution to that?



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Hello @Timur_Aak

Try using class targeting for the interaction and select only children with this class

Affects all elements because right now is set to all elements with this class

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi Piter, thanks! works fine now :+1::muscle::grinning:

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