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Keeping image aspect in Apple news Style Photo slider

Hi All, has anybody managed to recreate an Apple news style image slider that runs 100vw with overflow hidden but is touch activated (scroll would need to be added for desktop support)

I have been trying but struggling to figure out how to get it to scroll on swipe.

Any tips would be gratefully received

Just to clarify I am aiming to keep the aspect ratio of what ever images are added to the slider.
Creating the horizontally scrolling slider is not the issue I am having :slight_smile:

if it helps the page in question is talents template/tommy-t-and-the-belltones
that is the one that has enough demo content in it to view, the slider I made was using horizontal scroll.

Currently getting a portrait image to display portrait inside that horizontal scrolling slider instead of filling the available

is what is making me lose sleep lol!

I guess its simple and my lack of experience has me missing something glaring obvious