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Keep the links to a Webflow page as static links when deleting said page

This seems like a small thing but it creates so much unnecessary work as it now stands.

The problem: When a page is deleted, all links to that page break. Why can’t Webflow still reference the same link? For instance, I may duplicate a page just to try a different approach to layout, interactions, or whatever. Well, if I like the new page…delete the original page…then rename the copied page as the original name was called, all references to that original page are broken. I then have to manual go through the site and reassign all those links.

I’m totally for this too. I don’t see why it wouldn’t and I faced the issue a couple of time. I took the liberty to move your topic to the Whishlist section and to rewrite the title so it fits in Whishlist.

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Today I noticed that such “remembered links” exist in webflow, between elements and interactions. If you delete an interaction, and recreate one with the same name, the element is automatically linked to it again.