Keep Nav Link and Burger Menu on desktop

Hello everybody.

How to make the nav link and the burger menu appear both in my navbar on deskop ?
Like this image :

And when the burger menu is open, I want to add 2 links in addition
Exactly like this image :

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me.
And sorry for my english.

Select your nav and settings shows where you can select the viewport for the mobile dropdown

hi @Celo241 if you will have some free time I will suggest to invest it to learning how to work with this platform as WF provide fairy complex set of tutorials on Webflow university. This forum is also great source of solution to search before creating a new request. :wink:
here is link to section you should visit

Hi guys, thank you for your answers.

I am learning how to work with webflow since à month and I know how to create a navbar and how to show the burger menu in any devices, but I’m not looking for that.

When I set the menu icon for desktop, my nav links disappear, how to keep both at the same time ? And how to add other links only when the burger menu is open ?

hi @Celo241 you are missing point what nav burger is for as what you request is not a good UX. Anyway, to do that you have to introduce your nav that will stay your self as new element and use WF nav for rest.

hope this will solve your request.