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Keep header from loading more than once

Hi everyone,

I am creating a website for a radio and i have a question, I’ve looked for an answer but I didn’t find anything relating this.

So, my issue is the following:
I have two radio widgets that are placed in the header. And I want them to keep playing whenever I change the content of the tabs. So, basically, I want the header to be loaded only once, and whenever i switch tabs in the menu, the players keep playing the sound and are not reloaded with the header. The image below demonstrates the design of the website.

So, basically, I just want to know how to change the content of the tabs without reloading the whole page.

This might be a noob question for many, but I am new to webflow and programming in general, so I’m just trying to improve and I could use some help.

Thanks a lot for the attention!