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Kathy Jones Irish Consulting

Cool new site for a professional consultant - it uses a quite unique timeline style structure which made translating the site to mobile kinda tricky :smile:

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I like the graphic design of the site. It’s got a defined brand, color palette and is clean in the design’s form and function.

I’d like to see contact info at the top as well as where it is at the bottom. If I’m on my phone, don’t make me click an anchor nav to your info to then tap to call you. One interaction would be great.

Where is the CTA? What is the goal of this site? Lead Gen? Newsletter sign up? Right now it’s just a giant billboard.

That wall of copy is just insane. Daunting, even. Who is going to remain engaged long enough to read even half of that copy? Then the + icons open more copy to read. I’d go basic and link to a LinkedIn profile for the rest. It’s the web, please give me the CliffsNotes version: Current work, major achievements and goals and a CTA are good for me. What will the organic SEO look like for this? With this much content on a single page, how are you going to do your keywords? It would be different if it were across several pages. Nice site, but I’m not certain of the goal(s).

Just my 2¢.


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Thanks @itbrian40 will bear in mind + review :slight_smile: