Just some Questions about Webflow / Cloudflare / Plans


Im new User here, and too new User to use a Website :slight_smile:
Hope im in the right Section :slight_smile:

I got some Questions because i didnt figure it out yet, hope anyone can Help me.

  1. If i buy my Website on Namecheap, do i need the SSL from Namecheap? Or is it enough only buying the Site from Namecheap?

  2. If 1. Questions No: Do i need the SSL from Webflow, if i use Cloudflare? Or can i use the SSL for my Page then from Cloudflare, or how is that working?

  3. I Want to Publish a Static Site, so only one Final Release: Do i need a running Pro Plan, or is it enough one Month, and then Cancel after i Published the Final Page and only have then the Site Plan?

  4. Is the Basic Site Plan enough when i use Cloudflare and get more than 25k Visitors? Its Only a Static Website, so i mean and i understand Cloudflare correct, every Traffic goes to Cloudflare CDN and not to Webflow, is that correct?

  5. If 4. Question no: What happens if a User reach the Visitors Limit? Do Webflow Lock/Block the Site, or is the Page running fine after reaching the Visitors Limit?

Thank you