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Just launched my new UI/UX portfolio!

It’s official… my new website is finally up! My last redesign was almost 10 years ago, so needless to say this was way overdue. My goals with this new site were:

  1. Explain each project and my process, vs only showing screenshots (focusing on quality vs. quantity)
  2. Make it Responsive
  3. Clean, simple design (relying mostly on CSS instead of graphics)
  4. Easy to build and maintain (I built it myself using Webflow)

Full disclosure: I’m not a developer at all; in fact, the last time I coded a website was before CSS came around (yes, that long…). So although Webflow is really, really awesome, there certainly was a learning curve for me. But I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I’m not looking for any specific feedback; just wanted to share it with you all. But if you do find any quirks/bugs or things that generally bother you, I’m open to hearing them.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


Looks good. I’d suggest changing the mobile menu background and dropdown background to the other grey you are using on your site; keep it from looking like the default.

Really clean! I like it,

The only thing that i’d change is using the maps widget for the google maps background.

Good suggestion, thank you!

Thanks @DharmaNode - I had it there before, then decided I didn’t need people zooming in to where I actually live :slight_smile:

You could just set it to the city you live in :smiley:

Looks nice Lynne! I checked it out on mobile. Only thing that I was confused of is where you were from. Your mailing address in in Maine but the pin on the map was in Canada. I grew up on the Canadian border myself in Plattsburgh ny.

Other than that it’s a very nice modern site that’s easy to navigate. Job well done

Looks really great! I particularly like the . Made me smile! :grinning:

@oceanandsnowdesign Yup, I am physically in Canada, but my mailing address is just across the border (makes it easier for my US clients). I’m literally 15 minutes from the border :slightly_smiling:

@tkister You like the “what”? LOL! I take it you mean the dot/map marker?

I had written “crickets” in brackets, but the software seems to have hidden the word “crickets” because of the brackets. :grinning:

Ah, thank you! :blush: