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Just finished my first webflow site. Bash it! Constructive criticism welcome too =]

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What do you think?

I must say, I’ve had a blast building it. Webflow has such awesome features and nice design capabilities.

I’m really trying to sharpen my skills so I can make my first clients refer other clients without hesitating. If you think something needs changing, let me know. Looking forward to being involved more on these forums and I can’t wait to get started on the next site.

Now bash away!

Hi @LambaDesign, sorry no bashing :smile: I think you are doing great so far :smile:

I looked at your site, and have just a couple of things for you to look at, first, your hero section background image was 1.6mb in size, and that is way to big, you should compress your big images or make them smaller, so you get file sizes around the 200-300kb range maximum. I took your hero image from the published site, and compressed it, to 212kb, if you need that image, PM me and I can send you that.

Second thing, I noticed some of your content when looking at the site in full desktop mode, appear to be a little mis aligned on the page… you might want to use a container for all your central content, as that will center the content on the page, but that is a design decision, up to you… but I have made a screenshot, for those things to look at:

Now, what I usually do when reviewing my own sites, is check the obvious things first, then do another pass on my site, to see if I can find anything else…sometimes I have to do this several times… so good job and keep up the good work :smile:

Cheers !

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Hi @LambaDesign,
I think you should improve the visual language a bit, the logo is very similar to the “delta force” logo, and there’s no clear branding, color scheme, something to make it different from other million sites out there.

For a first website it’s great! but i think you can make it better.

It always can be better :smile: That is where the addiction to web design comes in :smile:


I like the little arrow that follows your cursor :smiley:

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Thanks for the awesome advice!

1 question if you don’t mind: How can I make the images of the iphone and browser larger while still using the container?

Might be a newbie question but I’ve come across this a few times now and I’d love to know the solution.


I see what you mean about the color scheme and branding.
I was waiting for a Half Life 2 fan to call out the logo for being an exact copy of the half life symbol. Nothing yet lol.

I’m curious more to how I can distinguish myself from the crowd with my design. Any methods you follow or examples you have of what works to get clients? I know design is somewhat subjective in most cases, but if there are any trade secrets you’ve learned I’d love to know about em.

Thanks for replying!

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Well there’s no absolute answer for that, you need to find what separates you from others, something that you specialize in or maybe something in your character that is special and can effect your design.

Than you need to take that and give it a graphic meaning. and try working with a small color scheme, two colors - three tops, that will give your design its own personality. Easier said than done i know but that’s branding :smile:
Try to find some tutorials on self branding online there are a lot of good sources for that.

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I wrote an article about that. The trick is to start your portfolio site design with your heart, not with Webflow.


Fantastic advice @PixelGeek! I read this article as I am currently envisioning my Portfolio re-design so I appreciate this post man. Keep up the good articles.

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