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Just converted Webflow site to Wordpress - Links not working

Links not clickable or working at all. HELP !

@mkh_develops - Please provide a link to the published wordpress project.

I’m actually working on it on a localhost server…is that maybe a reason ?

When you exported the site, all the links that pointed to pages had the .html appended to them. This is the expected behavior. If you are pulling the content into WordPress you would need to update all links as needed to match your new paths.

Oh interesting. Is it possible to make any changes to the exported site at all once on Wordpress or would everything need to be finalized in Webflow already before I exported to Wordpress

Any internal links in webflow will be modified on export. External links will not be touched.

My approach would be to write a script to perform the change on my dev machine or if that is a challenge you could use an editor that allows for bulk (project wide) search and replace.

Oh figured. Seems like everything pretty much has to be figured out and set up already before migrating to Wordpress.