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Just built a streaming membership site - Minimal Custom Code!

Just wanted to share my latest project. First time making a membership site and I’m pretty tickled with the result! Super unconventional design…I’m aware it takes a lot of clicks to get to content and there are a LOTTTTT of images…but the client insisted on needing multiple “Theaters” that donors could put their name on haha I advised otherwise but was shot down. That being said, they were able to raise $120,000 in donations. Their patrons were pretty excited about it. Check it out! I had a lot of fun designing and making it work.

Thanks @Finsweet, Memberstack, and Jetboost for taking our shit to the next level!


This is an F’in sweet build, @mackshirilla !!! :fire:

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Hey, @mackshirilla! We’ve decided to create a ‘Library of Live Examples’ for the F’in sweet CMS Library. If you’d like to include this project, then fill this form.

Done :clap:t3: And :clap:t3: DONE :clap:t3:

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