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Jumps within blog articles?

Is there a way to create jumps within blog articles or any rich Text CMS content for that matter.
Trying to do a long form content with an “index” at top for jumps.

Perfect example is like this on a sumo blog page:

All of the hacks at the top are links to a jump down the page.

Possible with WF CMS ?

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A multi-rich-text field approach to a blog in Webflow is a great way to bring additional functionality such as indexing.

  • Create multiple Rich Text fields in your blog collection. As many sections as you want, that’s how many RT fields are needed.
  • Add the RT elements to the collection template page. Maybe add a condition to hide RT fields that are empty.
  • Add IDs in the Settings for each RT element or to a wrapping div if you have one. This will allow you to link to each RT section.
  • Add text links or buttons at the top of the page and link one to each RT section in the Link Settings. If you add a Text Field as a label for each RT section, you can map that to the text for the link too.

So to answer your question, YES it can be done in Webflow CMS. Let me know if you need to see an example and I might be able to find time.

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Thanks for your help on that. That makes sense in the theory of to do it like that.

Problem is I won’t always know how many jumps I’ll need and so might end up making 10 RT Fields for what ifs. I guess it’s not so bad.

Wish there was a slightly more straightforward way. But hey, it’s a way…

Thanks for your help.

PS I completely get how to do this so I should be good if not ill def reach out with a read only :+1::handshake:

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It’s true you might need to setup 10 RTs and conditionals. However this gives you flexibility and power for the future while not creating an overly complex form for editors to use.

Other than ad injection or self promotion between sections, I also imagine sites can utilize this method to put sections on different tabs instead of vertical scrolling section if that fit the needs of the site.

Happy designing!

If I read this right, I’ve got to re-create my blog template (after already publishing a dozen CMS blogs) to include many rich text sections when I only have one blog post (currently) that needs site links? If so, this sucks. Is there another way to create element IDs in a single big RT fields on a template I’ve already created?