Jumping to Nested Sections

I have the site functioning basically how i want it to with the exception of adding a navigation between sections on the home page. In order to use the snapping function that I’ve implemented I had to place all of my sections within a wrapper. However this disables the ability to jump to a section using a button. Was wondering if there was another way to target a section/div without putting them underneath the body.

The navigation is currently working, however my snappy sections are not. Call me selfish but i want them both! :wink:

Here is the link to my site.

Hey Joe! :grinning:
Beautiful Site, you got there!

I can see the nav for the sections on the mobile breakpoints, they work nicely!
What do you mean by snappy sections?

Hey thanks, Its been a long work in progress. this is my first webflow project, So the learning curve has been steep.

Im trying to enable a snap to section when scrolling… I dont want to have to click on the links. If you look at the embed section you can see the CSS scripting ive added.