Jump to frame in slider

Is there a way to jump to a specific frame in the slider ?

Say for example: you have 6 frames

Place 6 links outside the slider. Clicking a specific link will take you to a specific frame ?

I didn’t see anything posted about this.

Ignore. I figured out how to do it using jquery.

Would prefer a direct Webflow solution… but hey, it works.

Only issue is that you have to export the code to see it in action.

@Revolution don’t think this is possible in webflow… Will take a look, you could fabricate a “slider” in webflow using interactions and use that?

I did something similar to this on another project.

It actually came out very pretty nice… and no jquery at all.

Basically I had 4 div’s hidden off-screen - and pulled / pushed individual divs on / off the stage.

It’s a pain though… because you have to hide the div’s during development or move move them onto the stage
just to work with them.

Yeah, I can create an example in my playground if you want?

Only if you have time… and if it would help the general wf population.

Would be interesting to see your solution.

Seriously though…
This particular project is a throw-away… so I don’t want you to waste your time.

I’ve got several projects in dev right now… I really shouldn’t even be working on this.

I’ll let you see the project in a little bit though :smile:

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Hey Arthur…

If you have the time… please create the example.

I did the project using jquery… and then (today) realized… that I need to avoid jquery for this project.

I’ve replaced the jquery controls (allowing me to jump to a specific slider frame
with webflow interactions… but it is just as nearly as nice :frowning:

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@Revolution do you want the example or not lol :smile:

It sounds like you’ve got it working? If so would love to see.

b = 1000;
for (a < b) {
echo 'yes please';
// a++;

The jquery version works perfect. It does exactly what I want / need it to do.

The webflow only version (non-query boooo)…
…ehhh… not as good. It works but it’s just “not perfect”.

Plus… without jquery

  • I have to create a series of off-screen divs that setup a maintenance nightmare.

It would really nice if webflow has sub-staging development mwthod…
where visually, you could focus on the current container
and move elements out of the way but also know that they we will placed correctly on run.

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