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Juice from subdomain to hosted domain

Heys guys,

I had an issue sometime while ago and was wondering, if we are able to not index the subdomain, why not have an option to pass all the juice from the subdomain to the hosted one? I think it would be another good reason to use webflow hosted domain besides it’s faster CDN and on the fly publication. It would incentivate designers to use the discovery page and showcase more and more their websites.

Is that possible? What do you think?

Hi @Daniel_Sun, you mean like redirect to ? If so, the system already does this if you setup one of your custom domains as the default site url. Maybe I am not understanding the idea though :wink:


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Yes, That’s correct Cyberdave! That’s what I was asking for :slight_smile:
There should be a more explicit information about that, that’s awesome for someone looking for SEO services

Thanks again @cyberdave