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JSON file is not Lottie type?


When I upload a JSON file to the Lottie thing, It says JSON file is not Lottie type.
What does that mean? Can I convert my JSON into a Lottie?!someone help!

To test Lottie files (Lottie files = animations coded into a JSON package), I usually upload them to Lottiefiles.

It has a preview testing area. If it doesn’t play there, it’s not a Lottie File.

JSON isn’t Lottie. JSON is just a text packaging format, if you will. Like a zip. A zip file could be an image, could be a PowerPoint, could be an entire program, etc. You can’t necessarily change a zip file from an image into a PowerPoint. You’d need to open it as a presentation, export it as images, and then put all your images into a zip file.

So, with your animation: wherever it was created, it needs to export it as a Lottie JSON.

Lottie files simply use JSON as a “container” almost. What’s inside the JSON code is what determines its function. They are not “written” or necessarily “converted”; JSON is the extension used the Bodymovin’ plugin for Adobe After Effects exports animations. There are some tools to convert other animations to Lottie-formatted JSON, but JSON files themselves should already be in the Lottie format.

So I am having the same issue as OP but the JSON file works on Lottiefiles but still doesn’t upload as a lottie in Webflow… super strange/frustrating.

I have tried several different animations and files. Nothing works.

Any help would be amazing.
Link to my lottie on Lottiefiles

I don’t want to upload a lottie file I want to upload a JSON file for push notification. A link.json. How can I upload a JSON file?