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jQuery, webflow.js and

Hello! Let me preface by saying I am pretty new to web developing.

I am currently developing in using Visual Studio 2012. I made the design in webflow then I exported the files and imported all of the files to the appropriate directories in Visual Studio; made some code adjustments and viola! …website layout looks and works great! I then tried to use jQuery to create a modal box and that is where I ran into issues. Put simply, unless I comment out loading webflow.js, jQuery code does not work. I do not know if this is a thing or if I am loading scripts incorrectly or if it’s webflow.js or whatever. When I do comment out loading webflow.js the website design still looks fine and my modal jQuery window works perfectly… do I need webflow.js? It doesn’t appear so but I am not sure. If I do, how do I get webflow and jQuery to work together? Maybe it’s a thing, has anything else ran into this issue?

Hey @Paul, webflow.js includes a version of jQuery at the top of the file. Are you including another version separately? If so, then there may be a conflict. You only need webflow.js if you need smooth scrolling (to different page sections) or you’ve included forms in your design (since they have to submitted to Webflow’s servers).

You are correct. I deleted all of the jQuery at the top of webflow.js and everything is good now.

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