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JQuery Visual Timeline Based Animation Interface

Hello fellow webflowers!

I was wandering if someone out there has an answer for me… I have recently been thinking to make some JQuery animation but my coding is not up to par, and I was wandering if anyone knows of any software/web apps that will have a GUI for visually designing animations/interactions but that will result in jquery code that I can then paste in my website… a somewhat similar experience as with webflow interactions but in a more traditional interface that will have a timeline, layers etc… I have been looking around for quite some time but thus far could not find anything like that…

so does anyone know of something along those lines?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!

I recommend that you look at GreenSock GSAP3.

Thanks @WebDev. I have had a look at it - but, as far I saw it doesn’t really have a GUI that has a timeline and an interface - it’s code based just like jquery or anime.js

Hi @IVG, a timeline widget is not buiilt into Webflow, but any jquery powered timeline should work, I would recommend to check out for lots of slick paid jquery plugins, see at: for an example widget.

Webflow supports using Custom Code either in the Head/Body or via the Custom Code Embed widget. It is also possible to use Collection Fields in custom code embeds, making code embeds dynamic.

Webflow does not provide direct help with third party tools/integrations from our support desk, however there is help for integrations on our code help pages in the community.

I hope this helps

@cyberdave - thanks for the suggestion - but I am not trying to create a timeline animation - I am looking for software that has a visual timeline that I can use to animate elements and that will create a jquery/js script that I can then use in webflow custom code section…

did you find anything? I could only recommend vanta.js but it’s not exactly what you are looking for

nope… nothing that did what I want…

You should check TinyAnim or Anime.js if it helped.