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Jquery transition effects not appearing when i export and host it in my website


I have one issue when i export my page and host it in my website.

Now, i’m using a free version and will be buying once all the features i built using webflow appear in my website when i export.

I tried to host which you had given as a part of export testing.

I have two issues.

  1. SVG files are not opening ( must be an internal error, i’ll not use SVG’s in my site so this is a minor issue)

  2. The major issue is that, some of the Js transitions are not appearing when i export and host.

This is the site where i hosted it
( we are from an online news portal from India)

My developer tells me, the images in the original webflow site, has a transition effect ( which is calling a js from google) . He says this code is missing in the export code given.

What are we doing wrong? Or how we can make these JS transitions appear when exported. Is it some error in our website?

Am i making any sense?