jQuery not working on mobile browsers

Hi community!

I’m trying to build a multi-step form which uses the slider component and bit of jquery to make sure people fill in each step at a time. I’m definitely not a coder, so I repurposed the code from this Webflow website: https://webflow.com/website/Multi-Step-Form-Slider-jQuery

My page with the form here: http://comparison-advantage.webflow.io/

The form seems to work well, except for on mobile. The ‘next’ button which is meant to trigger the next step doesn’t do anything.

I did some research, and there could be a number of reasons jquery won’t work on mobile, but as I’m not super familiar with jquery, I’m not sure where to start! I’m also not getting any console errors as far as I can see.

Here’s my share-link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/comparison-advantage?preview=981ea9e25d0e73dd26ea74162b3eb55d


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