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jQuery mobile panels for nav?

Has anyone put together a webflow site that uses jquerymobile panel nav for mobile media queries? Here’s the jqm demo page, which is itself a great example of a mobile panel nav if you close your browser up to be narrow (or view on a small screen device, of course):

It’s rapidly become a standard mobile design pattern for navigation, and I expect that webflow might be adding some built-in ability that uses it at some point. But in the short term, it will be an adventure over my js pay grade to whack one in using custom embeds, so I’m really hoping that someone else with faster chops might have already blazed that trail.



yeah i am interested if you could load the jquery mobile library into the WebFlow without causing conflicts… Maybe its not a good idea… There is just a lot of pre built components that are built into jquery mobile that would be great to use in the Mobile View of the site…

Possible or not?? Because WebFlow is still lacking in some basic form functions like radio buttons, check boxes, etc… I see that the DropDown List was added and hopefully the other come soon but still just trying to see if i can use this for a a site i need to make for my wifes preschool but i want to have mobile functions in it…


When I posted this I was just thinking about that particular common panel nav pattern, but on reading @phi36nine response, it occurs to me that I assumed I could load JQM without conflicting with JQ, but a quick search indicates there may be conflicts.

That might be something that’s not easily solvable, but the other thing that would be important from JQM would be the built-in touch aspects. There are JQ plug ins for touch-swipe, but having it native in the library, and not having to choose from multiple third-party plugins, would be hugely advantageous.

I love being able to visually design each media query to optimize content presentation, but that’s only half of the moble/media query picture. Touch and common mobile design patterns built in would make native JQM support near the top of my list for near-term Webflow features. (After the css engine rebuild, of course!)