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JQuery / Javascript for kerning stopped working

I have a word on my homepage that I kerned using the jquery plugin Lettering.js (
The github link to these files are here:

Once you deploy lettering.js on your page you can then use kern.js ( to kern the word you want.

This worked a few days ago when I first tried it out, but I redid my page and this time it isn’t working.

I have the scripts in the custom code for my page all set. I don’t understand why its no longer working.

Any help?

My page is here:

share link:
(page is Home New)


Do NOT put custom jquery code in the header. Remove


Move this to the footer instead

<script src=""></script>

$(document).ready(function() {

Thank you for responding! I can see the script spitting out the individual char’s so that’s working, I guess the kern.js and it’s kerning via the browser screen doesn’t work anymore. I’ll have to adjust the spacing manually through css code.

The effect produced by the jquery / javascript loads for a second and then goes away. Why? This kerning effect was working on the the site before. Please help.

I don’t think you can host scripts on dropbox. Look for one of my tutorials on hosting on github.

Its working now. The text I was trying to kern had to be an h1, so its all good now. Thank you again for your help & responses to this!