jQuery form validation not working

Hello, I have a problem with jQuery form validation.

I have created the following contact page with validation based on the Clonable website, but the message I set for input errors does not display the text I set.
What is displayed is the error message by default in the jQuery validation plugin.

Here is the contact page I designed.

And this is the published page.

This is the code I put in the <before tag.

On the page where I copied the contact form structure from the clonable site, I could confirm the error message I set.


And this is the published page.

This is the code I put in the <before tag.

How do you think I can make sure that the contact page I designed also shows the error messages I have set up?

εˆγ‚γΎγ—γ¦ Akiko,

In the jQuery configuration, the settings names are case=sensitive. Currently your field names begin with an uppercase letter, however the settings are all lowercase.

If you make the settings names exactly match the capitalization of the field names, they work great-

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Thank you so much!

Your answers have helped me to solve the problem completely.

I see that in the rule settings, I needed an exact match to each id name, and in the message settings, I needed to match the name of each name attribute.

Thanks to you, I can move forward.

P.S I was very happy to read your greeting in Japanese!

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