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JQuery fail driving me crazy!

I’ve got a jquery .slideToggle that is not animating - it is acting like a .toggle with some delay equal to the .slideToggle duration I’ve set. This same code is working for me in other sites, so it’s driving me crazy!

I’ve pared it down to a bare bones troubleshooting example at

This is probably a missing semicolon or something, I’m prone to being blind to those simple syntax problems, but I’ve looked at this until I’m blind. Help, anyone?

@ramatsu This is happening because you have a min-height set to 200px. Which means, whenever you try to set a smaller height on this element, the min-height will always remain in effect.

Also, just a pointer for the Webflow.push() part, you can use this instead of the $(document).ready wrapper, they basically do the same thing. It’s up to you which one you’d prefer to use :smile:


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Duh, thanks! And for the Webflow.push() pointer, I’ll go clean up that redundancy in my various .js files.