Jquery coding and I need a lot of help

Does anyone have an expert who can Jquery code? Who does excellent coding.
I need help REALLY bad and I really need my website for advertisement, freelance work.
If so, please message me or email me (shaneseive@hotmail.com)

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If you can’t find anyone here, you can also try something like CodeMentor - you can find a lot of professionals there for any project of this nature - I have used it in the past both for one off questions and for small projects…

What specific issue are you trying to address or what do you need to accomplish? Maybe I can point you in the right direction.

If you want freelance help , I suggest you change the topic category to "Community -> Freelance & Jobs


I found someone who wanted to help me through freelance job. They’ll be looking through my website for diagnosing and solving the problem. Thank you for extra suggestions, it means a lot! ^^


I would love to assist you in your requirement. Would love to have a detailed discussion. You can connect me via email as well as Skype.

Email: Jennifer@cisinlabs.com
Skype: live:jennifer_17207

Jennifer J