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JotFrom and custom Order

So, currently I am using WordPress for this, but I would like to try webflow and I have this specific flow I need to somehow migrate from WordPress (WooCommerce) to Webflow (with ecommerce).

The flow:

  1. User fill JotForm
  2. After that user is redirect with $_POST data to custom page
  3. I create order in WooCommerce with data $_POST sent from JotForm

For example, in JotForm data I have price, I have product ID (which is for connecting specific form with product in WooCommerce).

Is something like that possible? My idea is this:

  1. User fill JotForm
  2. User is redirected to custom page, where will be JS (since in webflow I cannot PHP) where I call WebFlow API OR I programm custom widget for JotForm to call WebFlow API
  3. Via that JS and API I create Order with specific item already created in WebFlow account/site
  4. I add price and other fields (or modify them) based on data from JotForm

But how exactly to do that? This is my theory but reality?