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Jotform not showing in mobile versions

Hi, I have installed jotform forms in my website adding the SCRIPT code to the an embed element. The forms looks fine in desktop version, but when I go to tablet and smartphones the form doesn’t load/show. You can see the form at the bottom of the homepage. The website is and the shared link:

The thing I noticed that is messing up the form is this: I duplicated all sections of the website to remove the interactions on mobile. So I left the original sections visible on desktop only (to have interactions show on desktop) and the duplicated sections show on mobiles versions only (to remove the interactions). This is making the form not show up on mobile. If I make the original section show up on all devices, the form shows fine on mobiles.

So is there a way to fix this?? It would be great if I understood the reason why in the duplicated sections the form is not showing up on mobile.

Thank you!!

@aerismel I’m also using Jotforms and found that copying the link doesn’t work. Instead of selecting the source link, click embed and grab the source code instead.

Make sure that you’ve selected the “responsive” tab in the Jotform CSS as well.

You can access this both through the Designer or by hitting Preferences, where it’s the last option on the bottom of the window.

Hope this helps :smile:

Hi, and thank you for your answer. The form is responsive, and I also used the source code I get from the embed option.

The form works well if the section is the same showing on desktop, tablet and smarphones. But when I duplicate the section and make the original visible on desktop only, and the second one visible on mobile devices only, it’s when I start to see the issue of the form not showing on mobile versions.

What I’m trying to say is that, the form works well if the section shows on all devices. The form is ok, but duplicating the section is what’s messing up the form and doesn’t load on mobile.

Any other thoughts are always appreciated. Thanks!

The only workaround I can think of is duplicating your original form in Jotforms, and injecting the copied version into webflow.

Do check how they affect your site’s performance. I lost 10% speed after I embedded a subscription form from them as well.

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