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Jordan Currency is not listed! How to convert between currencies?

Hello Everyone :wave:,

I am building an e-Commerce website, I’m based in Jordan and I need the currency to show in Jordanian Dinar (JOD) but I couldn’t find it in the list. I have added a plain text field to the product and entered the price like (73.00 JOD) and shows that text in the product template design… But the problem is, when I view the cart, it shows the subtotal in USD …

Any Idea how to fix this! If I changed the JOD price field to number, how can I make the sum in checkout ?

Thanks in advance…

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Hi @Ruaa_Jamal

In the Settings > Ecommerce > General there’s a Currency section where you can set your store’s currency (all your products and other places where currency is being used should get updated with new settings).

This should also automatically update elements like Cart, Checkout page, Order confirmation page. If you’re using a plain text field, it won’t work with prices.

As for the list of available currencies, it is based on what available payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) combined, support.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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Hi @maciejjasinski ,

Thanks for your reply , Actually I’m looking for a solution to calculate the subtotal in Jordanian Dinar (JOD)… My website will not offer online payment since it will sell products locally, the payment will be cash on delivery. But still I need to show the prices in JOD in all elements.

Any Idea how can I do that ! … And another question here, Is it possible in webflow to complete an order without payment ??

Thanks in advance , your time is appreciated …

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