John Romley - Realtor, Golfer

Launched this site a week or so ago.

I would love to get the communities feed back. :slightly_smiling:

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I really like it. Although I do feel like it’s missing something, don’t know yet but something to tie it all together. Hmmm… We’ll have to look at it more and see what I would like to see to make this site better. Overall good job. It’s very nice site. :wink::+1:

Good work, @AlexN :slightly_smiling:

May I ask you, did you create designs for every newsletter separately?

Are you talking about the newsletter cards on the website?

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yes :slight_smile: exactly (and more text for having 30 characters :P)

The cards are designed through a dynamic list.


I got it down. I would like to maybe see this text more spaced out from the edges. :+1:

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I think the cta for contact need to stand out more and the price and button from Featured Properties need more space arround and need a litte work on typography and margins!

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