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[Job] SaaS Marketing Site

Hey Webflow Experts! Draftbit ( is looking for a Webflow Expert to build V2 of our marketing website in Webflow (V1 we built ourselves in Webflow). This V2 will launch Late Jan/Early Feb in conjunction with our public launch. Right now, I would like to speak with you if you’re interested in the project. We will be making our decision late December.

Draftbit/Webflow Expert–Search Criteria

  • We’d like to work with an individual (sorry, no agencies).
  • You are fast and highly communicative.
  • You know Webflow like the back of your hand; all the best-practices are part of your arsenal.
  • You’re fluent in Webflow CMS.
  • You think in Design Systems. You’ll be building blocks/sections that are scalable beyond the scope of this project (e.g. for use by our Marketing team in building landing pages at some future date).
  • You’re comfortable taking direction from a top-tier Design team. The work will be more implement-y (of course, we welcome their expert input) and not about “brand exploration” or “build your first website.” We expect our final designs will be available late-Dec to start work in the beginning of January.
  • We’re looking for project-based pricing. The full scope will be known once designs ^ are done (final visual design comps will be done in Sketch).

Any need of custom implementations ? Talking to other systems.

I don’t know what that means, so probably not :upside_down_face:

Hi @nickselman,

I sent you a PM. Let me know when we can visit.

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I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


Thanks for your interest! We are not recruiting agencies for this work at this time. All the best to you :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

I’ve messaged you directly regarding the project. You can also reach me on


Hi Nick,

You have a new private message.


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