Jinglebell | Webflow export platform, anyone use it?

https://jinglebell.io/ Hi, I just discover this company that promises integrate forms from webflow export code. Has anyone ever used it? I’m afraid use because isn’t a official partner webflow.

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I have not, but I have tested many of the third party form tools listed in the University.

I am currently using Basin with clients, very easy to implement and there is a limited free option that may meet your needs.


I havn’t used, but I’ve heard it works quite well.

There are a few other form options tho if you search the forums.

Here’s one - https://formcarry.com/

Basin looks pretty solid too


@LaurentCardinal is the creator of the site, and I can personally vouch for him. He’s a great guy :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the project in production yet, but I spend some time poking around the UI. It looks pretty solid to me :+1:

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